About Us


    Formed in 1989 as the SC National Asbestos Council by a group of dedicated individuals striving to provide information to everyone about asbestos and the regulations surrounding it. As the group grew, it became clear that other environmental concerns needed to be addressed like lead based paint, indoor air quality, underground storage tank and hazardous waste issues. The group adopted the national organization name change to Environmental Information Association. You can find out more about the national association at www.eia-usa.org.


    The Carolinas Chapter of the Environmental Information Association provides health, safety and environmental information to assist business, public and private sector, in a timely manner. The CEIA promotes the principles of honesty, integrity and professional conduct in dealing with clients, employers, the public and regulatory agencies.

    Past Presidents

    Todd Taintor | Enpuricon
    Rohit Bali | Xellia Pharmaceuticals USA, LLC
    Scott Rohlf | EMSL Analytical, Inc.
    Josh Trowman
     | Fiberlock Technologies
    Denise Popeo | Froehling & Robertson, Inc
    Brian Sanders | EHG, LLC
    DeWitt Whitten | Froehling & Robertson, Inc
    Devereaux Prather | Abate and Insulate, LLC
    Gene Partin | Terracon